By submitting your profile and photos to Big Shots Shop, you certify the following information to be true. Should any of the information below not be true, Big Shots Shop assumes no legal or personal responsibility. We also reserve the right to decline any photographer or photograph for any reason without providing explanation.

  1. You are the photographer that you say you are. Should you pretend to be a photographer you are not or submit photographs from another photographer, we will notify the real photographer and permanently ban you from Big Shots Shop.
  2. The photographs you submit are 100% taken by you. Nobody else edited the photo, took the shot on your behalf, or gave you permission to use a photo or art of theirs.
  3. The photograph is at least 90% photograph. We are not currently accepting digital artwork. This is up to the discretin of Big Shots Shop.
  4. The photograph may not contain nudity or be sexual in nature.
  5. Any model depicted has given you express written consent to sell the photo for profit, of which Big Shots Shop may request verification.